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About Sobsey’s Produce

“He is adamant about keeping his community healthy, and offering organic, local, and gourmet choices that he would feed his own family.”
- Jersey Bites

From his early days selling organic produce at a Maryland food co-op, to the charming Hoboken store that bears his name, Michael Sobsey has dedicated his life to healthy, tasteful and seasonally abundant food.  Michael moved to the Hoboken area in 1983 and fell in love with the community he found here, as well as with his wife, Soheila.  Together with their two sons, and brother-in-law Mak Ayoubi, Sobsey’s has always been and remains a family’s passion for food and health.

Michael selects each item that he sells at his store by visiting the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx twice weekly.  Usually arriving by 4:30 a.m., Michael has developed long-standing relationships with the growers and farmers that provide the freshest produce on the East Coast.  The Hunts Point Market receives produce by air cargo, ships, trucks, and railroad.  This allows Michael to bring the freshest food in the world to his Hoboken customers.  In a recent interview, Michael told the Hoboken Reporter, “I spend like six and a half-hours slogging around and hand-picking everything...tasting everything from strawberries to grapes and working with people I’ve known for 20 years to find really nice stuff.”

That’s the story (in a nutshell...no pun intended).  So, when you walk into Sobsey’s and it feels like someone’s home, that’s because it is.